Shared electric vehicles are the future of fleets.

Evercar For Fleet makes it possible.

Evercar For Fleet is a full-service enabler and accelerator of electric vehicle sharing for America’s vehicle fleets. Our mission is to make it simpler and more affordable for organizations to deploy shared electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, while maintaining or improving their fleets’ operational performance. Our team brings decades of EV  experience and a wide range of financing, EV deployment and operations,  technology and analytics expertise.  Our innovative technologies help minimize risks and complexities of shared EVs, and we’ll partner with you to create a successful turnkey program that suits  your specific situation and fleet needs.

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Case Study: City of Indianapolis

indianapolis_imgTogether, the City of Indianapolis and Evercar are deploying 425 plug-in vehicles into the City’s fleet. Once completed, it will be the single largest deployment of plug-in capable vehicles in the United States. With Evercar's low-cost, fixed-rate solution, the city expects to save millions while simultaneously increasing the service and safety levels of its fleet. Using data and analytics from Evercar, Indianapolis and Evercar identified dozens of right-sizing opportunities. In fact, the City’s clean vehicle fleet will be more than 20% smaller than its legacy equivalent. Indianapolis’ Division of Public Works and the Evercar team are working with numerous departments within the City’s fleet and deploying vehicles in dozens of use cases, including police, fire and code enforcement operations. In Indianapolis, the future of fleets is now.


Case Study: City of Atlanta

DSC01517The City of Atlanta, like many cities throughout the country, has goals to increase its sustainability efforts, reduce its reliance on oil, and in general promote new initiatives that will save money and meet environmental targets. Evercar is working with the City to deploy and manage 50 plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and battery electric vehicles (BEVs) across approximately five City departments. By partnering with Evercar, Atlanta is on its way to adopting and managing clean electric vehicles and associated new technology at scale and at zero upfront cost. Replacing low fuel-efficiency sedans with EVs not only supports the City’s air quality and GHG emissions goals, but also generates savings through reduced operating costs. The pilot project, and the City’s partnership with Evercar, represents a significant step towards its goal to become a top-tier city for sustainability, and demonstrates its commitment to the Energy Secure Cities Coalition, a mayoral pledge that strives to transition Atlanta’s fleets off oil by 2025.